10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Abu Dhabi Now

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Abu Dhabi Now

From a withdrawn fishing village to the land of modern riches every traveller is drawn to, the city is no less than a miracle.  

Abu Dhabi is a synonym for riches; it is an Emirate as rich in history and local culture as architecture and everything else. Leaps and bounds ahead of modernity and urbanity, it gives you a glimpse of the future and a tour of its history. Ethereal sunshine beautifully accentuates the soft hues and pearly whites of the city all year long. And a blue azure sea surrounds it with its calming aura. No matter where you are- in the city, by the beach or in the desert, you will feel the ‘Abu Dhabi’ difference. 

We can go on and on about the beaches, deserts, iconic landmarks, adventure, markets, malls, soaring skyscrapers and much more. And we will.

What Makes Abu Dhabi What it is (An Absolute Must-Visit)  

A Futuristic City with its Past Intact: Abu Dhabi is an Emirate with a glorious, almost miraculous past. As modern as it is, Abu Dhabi’s rich cultural heritage reflects through Emirati traditions and historical landmarks, including the Qasr Al Watan Palace and the Heritage Village, to this day. You can marvel at the most astonishing skyscrapers and glimpse the foundation it was all built on.  

Architecture and Design: From its historic landmarks to modern skyscrapers, the architectural prowess of Abu Dhabi is incomparable. And the Grand Mosque, one of the largest mosques in the world, is the epitome of it. Marvel at its stunning design as you find peace in its soulful ambience.  

Forts and Palaces: You can tell how rich a place is in culture, heritage and itself when you hear the words like forts and palaces. It is a kingly place, after all. So glance at its rich roots by visiting some of the most mesmerizing forts and palaces, including the Qasr Al Watan Palace. It has pristine green gardens for you to unwind in for a while. 

Yas Island: Mind you, Abu Dhabi isn’t only about its local culture or modern architecture, it also is an entertainment destination to have some adrenaline-fuelling fun and adventure. It features theme parks, such as Ferrari World (YAS, IT IS THE BEST) and Yas Waterworld, as well as Marina Circuit, which hosts the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

For the Love of Louvre: The Louvre Abu Dhabi is an extension of the Louvre in Paris, featuring a versatile selection of art and artefacts from around the world. It’s safe to say that itself is a masterpiece, so pay it a visit to get swooned. Also, this isn’t the only museum in Abu Dhabi, it has several world-class museums to see. 

The Corniche: Even though Abu Dhabi has a rich essence, there are things you can do while visiting for free. The 8KM waterfront promenade, Corniche, offers stunning views of the city’s skyline, beaches and parks. Just walk along and embrace the view and soulful experience the place offers. 

Saadiyat Island: A leisure and cultural hub featuring museums, luxury hotels, beaches, events, exhibitions and more. It is an Island packed with fun and fanciful things to see, experience and take back home. The immersive experience Saadiyat Island offers deserves to be on your itinerary.

The Desert Experience: Abu Dhabi is an Emirate you won’t mind being deserted on. The dunes are beautiful, for one. Desert safaris, camel riding, sandboarding, you name it, everything fascinating to tell stories about is there. Also, you watch camel races and catch falcon or saluki shows.

Luxury Resorts and Malls: Luxury is almost a given. Abu Dhabi has the most luxurious resorts, spas and hotels for a typical Abu Dhabi experience. That is not all; you can also shop till you drop at some of the larger-than-life malls, including the Abu Dhabi Mall, Marina Mall, and Yas Mall, which offer a variety of international and local brands.

Food Fiesta: Food is the ultimate luxury, after all. And as we’re sure you already know by now, Abu Dhabi never disappoints. It has a diverse culinary scene, with lavish restaurants that offer traditional Emirati cuisine as well as international dishes. That is not all; the street food is just as delicious.

Abu Dhabi is as much for grown-ups as kids, as much for families as solo travellers, as much for beach lovers as nature lovers, as much for the laid-back as the adventurous, and as much for shopaholics as wanderers.

It is as much you as everyone. So, add it to your travel wishlist and mark it with a neon highlighter if you haven’t already because now is the best time to visit! 

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