6 Reasons Why you should Fly with Lufthansa Airlines

6 Reasons Why you should Fly with Lufthansa Airlines

6 Reasons Why you should Fly with Lufthansa Airlines

Some people book a flight to get on it and reach their destination. Some people are in it for the experience, people who live in the moment and want to make the most of everything. People who want to relax in their comfortable seats, relish good food, catch up on a movie, maybe have a drink, and unwind. And these are people who choose Lufthansa Airlines. Because with Lufthansa, you don’t just fly to places; you live every minute of it most comfortably and luxuriously. So, if you live life one moment at a time and are all for luxury and comfort, Lufthansa Airlines is the way to fly. Deutsche Lufthansa, addressed as Lufthansa, is Germany’s flag carrier. Lufthansa Group, the second-largest airline in Europe in terms of passengers carried, has over 700 aircraft, making it one of the largest airline fleets in the world. Travellers choose Lufthansa for the experience; here are the top 6 things that make it one of the choicest airlines:

Warm Welcome:

There is nothing like a warm welcome, being greeted by proficient and polite crew members who make you feel at home. Lufthansa is known for employing competent crew members in the air and on the ground to ensure a welcoming and delightful flight experience for its passengers. Be it the pilots or the crew on board, their professionalism & courtesy reflects through the service.

Value of Time:

Lufthansa is known for the safe, reliable, and on-time flights it offers its passengers. If you want to get to your dream destination safely and on time, you can rely on Lufthansa. The carrier ranks in the top 10 most punctual airlines in the world. Additionally, Lufthansa leverages AI to predict and inform passengers about delays, cancellations, and more on a timely basis.

Miles & More:

Lufthansa’s frequent flyer program, Miles & More, is more than a bonus; it is an excellent reason to choose the airline. Redeeming awards with Lufthansa is a treat, and occasional mileage bargains allow passengers to book tickets using half the miles collected.


When you fly with Lufthansa, you fly with luxury. You’re in for a welcoming and warm experience, regardless of the class you fly in. The consistency in customer service is what sets it apart. The crew is adept and assists you to ensure a pleasant flight.


Lufthansa has won many awards for its service, safety, reliability and being a passenger’s favourite. The awards include Best Airline in Europe, Best Western European Airline, Europe’s First 5-Star Airline, Air Transport World Award – Airline of the Year, and World Airline Awards 2018- Best Airline in Europe are some of the awards the airline has received. All the awards reflect consistent service, comfort, and luxury.

Digital Approach:

Lufthansa understands the importance of its Digital Approach in a ‘Digital-First’ world. Lufthansa’s FlyNet, available on short, medium and long-haul flights, allows its passengers to stay connected while flying with them. The Live TV channel Sport 24, e-journals and more also make up for a digitally sound experience. Lufthansa Airlines is for those who know how to live with comfort and luxury. Everything, from the seats to the ambience, the food to the customer service, adds to a perfect flight experience.

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