Discover Seoul: A World of its Own

Discover Seoul: A World of its Own

Seoul- the city that looks like something out of a K-drama, sounds like an opening song of a BTS concert, tastes like Kimchi and feels like happiness.  

You can imagine it all you want, but you’ll only know what we’re talking about once you visit.  

Why Visiting Seoul should be your Next Travel Goal 

  • A Tasteful Experience: Few cuisines are as unique and flavourful as Korean Cuisine. Savoury stews, spicy fried chicken, beverages, sweet dishes, you name it. Everything you need to treat your tastebuds; you’ll find in Seoul. 
  • Big On Shopping: Seoul is to shoppers what Netflix is to binge watchers. From luxury fashion brands to bustling street markets, you won’t be able to have enough of it.  
  • Views to Travel For: From the stunning palaces of Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung to the breathtaking Namsan Tower, Seoul is filled with enchanting architectural and natural beauty. 
  • Into the Future: Seoul is one of the most technologically evolved cities in the world, with state-of-the-art advancements in domains like robotics and artificial intelligence. 
  • K-Pop and K-Drama Culture: It’s no surprise that Korean pop music (C’mon, who hasn’t heard of BTS) and television dramas have taken the world by storm, and Seoul is the epicentre of this cultural spectacle. 
  • Traditionally Speaking: As forward as Seoul is, it is still a city steeped in traditions. Experience the ancient art of tea ceremonies, learn about Korean folktales and legends, and partake in cultural activities. 
  • Heartwarming Hospitality: When you visit Seoul, you’ll be greeted with open hearts. Koreans are known for their hospitality and warmth. And once you visit, you’ll know exactly why.  
  • Access to Every Nook & Corner: Seoul is an immaculate transportation hub making it easy to get around the blocks of the city. The subway is efficient, affordable, and runs 24 hours a day. 
  • Festivities All Year Long: Seoul has a festive vibe throughout the year. The festivities and events, from the colourful lantern festival to the bustling food and culture festival, will leave you in awe. 
  • Green, Pristine, Serene: Seoul pleases the eyes, as does a polaroid picture clicked in the golden hour. If you think that’s a bit of an exaggeration, it isn’t.  

Seoul Itinerary – Where to go, what to do

  1. Discover History at the Gyeongbokgung Palace: The captivating palace was built in the 14th century and is one of the most iconic milestones in Seoul. You can tour the palace grounds and watch the traditional changing of the guard ceremony. 
  2. Wander in the Bukchon Hanok Village: The village of old times is a beautifully preserved area that showcases classic Korean architecture. You can wander through the narrow alleyways and marvel at the unique homes. 
  3. Shop till you drop at Myeong-dong: The charming shopping neighbourhood is a must-visit for fashion enthusiasts. You can discover everything from chic boutiques to celebrated Korean beauty brands. 
  4. Treat your Tastebuds with A Korean BBQ: Korean BBQ is a delectable and unforgettable dining experience. You can grill their meats and vegetables at the table, which makes it even more of a personal experience. 
  5. Stroll along the Han River: The heart of Seoul, the Han River, proffers a mesmerizing sight to see. A stroll along its banks offers stunning views of the city skyline. There are also many parks and recreational areas along the river for you to enjoy. 
  6. Feel on Top at the Top of Namsan Tower: The iconic tower offers scenic panoramas of Seoul and is a famous spot for couples to hook love locks to the fence. 
  7. Have the Night of your Life: Seoul is famous for its vivacious nightlife scene. You can revel in everything from rooftop bars to underground nightclubs, which is even more exciting than it sounds. 
  8. Hit the Streets for Good Food: Korean street food is craved by locals and travellers alike. You’ll find everything from Korean fried chicken to sweet potato pancakes at the many food stalls throughout the city.  
  9. Indulge in Self-Care at a Spa: Korean spas, or jjimjilbangs, offer a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. You can enjoy hot tubs, saunas, and other spa treatments for a soothing experience. 
  10. Witness a Korean Traditional Performance: Seoul is all about cultural extravaganzas, from traditional music to dance performances, and you’ll be all for it.  

Tourist Etiquette to Follow while Visiting Seoul  

  • As modern as Seoul is, it is a little conservative at heart. So, it’ll be a good idea to dress modestly, especially when visiting temples or other religious sites. Shorts, tank tops, or anything too revealing doesn’t exactly fit the dress code.  
  • In many traditional Korean buildings, it’s customary to remove footwear. So, if you see people wandering around barefoot, take off your footwear.  
  • When you’re handing or accepting a gift, or practically anything else, do it with both hands as a sign of respect.  
  • Bowing while greeting someone is a celebrated part of the Korean culture, so while you’re there, go for a slight bow instead of waving at someone. 
  • Learn a few basic Korean phrases to get you by and even form a bond with the locals.  
  • If you’re eating Korean food with chopsticks, use them accurately. Don’t point them at people or leave them sticking straight up in your food. Chop chop!  
  • Respect personal space and avoid standing too close to others or touching them without permission, even if to pat their shoulder.  
  • Being on time is always a good idea, especially if you’re the one who planned the meeting. (And even otherwise) Remember to call or ping the other person if you’re running late.  
  • The last one goes without saying (We’ll say it just in case)- do not litter.  

Best Time to Visit Seoul 

If you are wondering about the best time to visit Seoul, it’s between March and May or September through October. However, regardless of the time of the year, you will have much to see, do and take back!  

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