Destinations for Budget Travellers

Top 10 Destinations for Budget Travellers

Travelling is on everyone’s cards, sooner or later. 

However, budget constraints often hold people back from chasing their travelling dreams. That is why knowing the best budget destinations can help.  

You can chase your travelling dream without exceeding your budget if you choose the right destination and make a travelling plan. That is why we’ve compiled a list of 10 budget-friendly destinations for you. So, are you ready to take off for an exploratory flight to go through the list? 

Top 10 Budget-Friendly Destinations for Travellers 

Thailand: Known as a popular tourist destination, Thailand is famed for its beautiful beaches, bustling cities, and delicious cuisine. And affordability, of course. Also, with its tropical beauty, a happening vibe and gracious hospitality its people extend, it allows you to embrace a relaxing and rejuvenating experience and practice self-care. 

Vietnam: Vietnam is a dream come true for budget travellers. It is home to historic sites, bustling cities, Vietnamese coffee, floating markets, rice terraces and a lot more for the perfect tourist experience. It is a budget-friendly destination but offers an unforgettable experience like any other ideal destination for holidays. It is perfect for solo trips, family vacations, and friend getaways. 

Indonesia: Indonesia is the best destination for budget travellers who also happen to be nature lovers. Home to natural wonders, including beaches, deep seas, tropical forests and mountains, it is a glimpse of paradise. Affordable lodges to stay, delicious food to eat and endless scenic views to embrace make the travel experience even more memorable. 

Nepal: Ideal destination for hiking and mountaineering lovers, Nepal offers breathtaking views and an immersive and adventurous experience at affordable prices. It has many temples, ancient sites, and natural riches to explore. The affordable accommodations, fairly-priced food and activities make for a great budget-friendly trip.  

India: India is a colourful budget-friendly destination for travellers around the world. Talk about the rich history, traditions, authenticity, and cultural diversity. India is home to bustling cities, serene countryside, ancient temples, and lush greenery, making for a great exploration trip. India offers myriad affordable accommodations, flavourful yet cheap food, and a helpful person in every nook and corner. 

Portugal: One of the most affordable countries in Western Europe, Portugal is a must-visit for budget travellers. Portugal has a warm, versatile and happening vibe that makes for a perfect travel experience. Whether you want to travel solo, get away with friends, or have friends retreat, it is the holiday destination. We can go on and on about Portugal, the cuisine, the all-year-round festive spirit, the people and everything else about the place is beautiful. 

Mexico: Tortillas in Mexico are always a good idea. Especially for budget travellers looking for a rich experience at a pocket-friendly price. Warm weather, vibrant cities, and blissful beaches make for the perfect experience in Mexico. You can stay in budget hotels, savour delicious local food, embrace the local culture and take home souvenirs without straying from your set budget. 

Cambodia: Home to enchanting temples, ancient ruins, national parks, relaxing islands, and a lot more that you can explore in a lot less. Cambodia offers a mix of peace and adventure, culture and modernity, and nature and architecture. It is a budget destination with many low-priced options for accommodations, fairly-priced local food and adventurous and immersive activities. 

Turkey: Turkey is a versatile budget-friendly destination that offers a unique experience brimming with ancient history, scenic backdrops, and flavoursome food. Talk about Waterfalls, the Mediterranean Coast, Canyons, Valleys, Lakes and Rivers and Floodplain Forests, Turkey has it all. And all so picturesque. It is perfect for a beach holiday or a city break alike. Travellers can lodge in pocket-friendly accommodations, including guesthouses and hotels. 

Bolivia: One of the most affordable countries in South America, Bolivia is a top choice for many budget travellers. Famed for its stunning landscape, vibrant culture and rich history, Bolivia has a lot to offer, including options like trekking in the Andes or exploring the Amazon Rainforest. Graced with natural beauty and a lush green landscape, it is home to affordable accommodations, savour delicious street food, and partake in local activities. 

For budget travellers looking for enriching experiences, these destinations are ideal. They offer budget-friendly accommodation, food, and transportation while providing unique experiences, breathtaking landscapes, and rich culture. The best of both worlds, indeed!  

So, would you like to browse and book flights to these budget-friendly destinations already? 

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