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Trending in Travel: 10 Emerging Trends Set to Reshape Tourism

Time changes, and everything else, with it. Even the way of travelling.

These past few years, the tourism industry has seen tremendous shifts. Owed to the hiatus it had to endure due to the pandemic and prolonged travel restrictions, the tourism industry has transformed by turning the challenges into opportunities for innovation and growth. And as for travellers, the way they prefer to travel, their priorities and their outlook toward travel have also led to the recognition of new practices and patterns. Many trends have emerged as a result of all this, reshaping tourism. 

Let’s Talk Travel Trends.

Here are the Top 10 to Lookout for: 

Sustainable travel: Travellers are conscious of their environment and are doing everything to stay sustainable. With growing awareness of the effect of tourism on the environment, travellers are increasingly seeking eco-friendly and sustainable options. It includes staying in eco-friendly lodges, using public transport instead of renting vehicles, saying no to plastics, etc. 

Workation: The culture of working from anywhere is here to stay, and people have found ways to make the most of it. The concept of merging work with vacation has gained momentum, allowing people to work while enjoying a change of scenery. If you’re going to work from anywhere, why would you stay in one place anyway?  

Wellness travel: TraWell is what we prefer to call it. Travellers have found ways to intermingle their passion for travelling and their need for self-care to stay mentally, physically, and spiritually well. More and more travellers now seek a travel experience that allows them to relax, rejuvenate, and indulge in self-care. 

Adventure travel: This one’s for the adrenaline-rush seekers who expect more than picture-perfect scenery from a place. Travellers who seek thrill and adventure. From hiking and mountaineering to rock climbing and whitewater rafting, travellers seek experiences that challenge them physically and mentally.

Digital detox travel: Let’s be honest; keeping away from your phone is a challenge, and only a new place with new scenery and experiences can help you detox. In an age where we are constantly connected, more and more travellers are looking for opportunities to unplug and disconnect from technology. It includes going on retreats, nature camps, etc.   

Micro-trips: We live in a busy world where everyone works, day in and day out, to lead the lifestyle they desire. Taking a week-long vacation isn’t exactly possible all that often. However, taking time out for travelling is also important. So, to balance the two, shorter trips (2-4 days) are becoming more popular, allowing people to explore new destinations without taking too much time off from work. 

Slow travel: Travellers now prefer to embrace the local culture of each destination rather than focusing on checking off as many destinations as possible from their list. So, rather than rushing from place to place, travellers now take a slower approach, spending more time in each destination to fully immerse themselves in the local culture. 

Culinary travel: Travellers who also happen to be foodies have found a way to combine the two loves of their lives. Food has always been a significant part of travel, and now more than ever, travellers are seeking authentic culinary experiences, from street food tours to cooking classes. It is a niche travel category and the entire experience centres around good ol food.  

Bleisure travel: Who said mixing business with p(leisure) wasn’t a good idea? It’s, in fact, a great idea, as many now believe. Mixing business and leisure travel is becoming more common, allowing people to indulge in leisure while on a business trip or extend it further. It’s a win for work-life balance seekers.  

Socially conscious travel: Travellers have found innovative ways to make their travel experience more meaningful. Travellers make efforts to make a positive impact on the destinations they visit, seeking out opportunities for responsible tourism and volunteering. It’s socially conscious and fulfilling. 

These trends are here to stay and have already become a big part of the tourism industry and its priorities. With trends like Bliesure, people can maintain a work-life balance and with Sustainable travel, and with socially conscious travel, they can give more meaning to their travel experiences. And so on. 

Which travel trend would you like to follow?  

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