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Flying to Europe this Summer: Everything You Need to Know

A Europe Trip seems to be on every American’s cards this summer

The skies over the Atlantic are becoming increasingly packed as Americans eagerly plan their perfect summer vacations in the Peninsula of Peninsulas. A long-awaited turn of events long after the pandemic and its aftermath, if you may. 

Normalcy Finally Restored  

According to travel search engines Kayak and Hopper, the number of searches for European travel is up by 77% compared to last year, with 37% of US-based customers searching for flights to Europe.

Americans are eager to explore the continent after a year of travel restrictions, and it shows.

A Boon for the Tourism & Airline Industry

This boom in tourism accounts for good news for the European cities set to welcome guests on various fronts. It’s about to rain money for many businesses that cater to tourists, including local markets.  

Additionally, it poses a golden opportunity for airlines. And many of them are all set to make the most of it.  

  • United is tackling nearly 25 international routes to this summer’s schedule, including additional flights to Barcelona, Berlin, and Naples.  
  • JetBlue has also announced a new route to Amsterdam from JFK, set to begin in the late summer. 
  • Croatia’s Pula Airport is considering extending its runway to accommodate larger planes that fly across the Atlantic. Currently, the country only has two transatlantic flights, highlighting the growing demand for European travel. 

Meeting this moment is crucial for the US’ biggest airlines, which derived between 11% and 20% of their total passenger revenue last year from transatlantic travel. Airlines are rising to the occasion by increasing their capacity to meet demand, hoping to capitalize on the California-in-1849 level gold rush opportunity presented by the surge in interest. 

A Word of Advice for Travellers 

Given the tourism surge, travellers should understand that obtaining a passport is becoming increasingly challenging. 

In March, Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned that demand for passports was 30%-40% above last year’s levels, which already broke a record with 22 million passports issued. So, those planning to travel to Europe should file their paperwork as soon as possible to avoid prolonged delays. 


The enthusiasm around travel to Europe this summer is palpable, with many Americans looking forward to European hospitality. As airlines brace up to meet demand, travellers should also pull up their socks to ensure a smooth and hassle-free trip.